10 February 2010

Organizational Pension Index has no George

I was trying to see if the organizational index to Civil War pensions had an entry for George Trautvetter in Company H of the 14th Illinois Infantry. Footnote has digital images of this index, but there was no entry for George. There are other pension indexes I will try, but it is not looking like the George who served in the 14th Illinois received a pension.

I was somewhat concerned that I might not have the right company or had somehow missed something. However, when looking at the other names of some of the men in his unit, I noticed several of them did receive pensions. George Trautvetter lived until the 1930s, so he would have lived long enough. Perhaps the indication that he deserted was correct after all.

I've put sorting out the George Trautvetters with Civil War service until later, but hope to write about it in Casefile Clues one of these days.

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