10 February 2010

More Directories on Footnote and a Suggestion

I have been searching the St. Louis City Directories on Footnote.com and came across this entry for George Rothweiler in 1869.
Casefile Clues readers will remember George Rothweiler from our Valentine Hess article. The directories have been helpful in my work on George and his family--his wife Ernestine is the actual relative of mine.
At any rate, I have another suggestion for Footnote.com based upon my work with these directories.
Allow me to mark a page or image as already viewed. I do not want to save every image to my gallery, but I have wasted time looking at images I have already seen. I do keep track of what directory years I have made copies of, but it would be nice if I could flag an image as "already viewed." That would save me time when using the digital images.