08 November 2007

West Virginia Archivist Fired over Coffee Shop Flap

Fred Armstrong was fired as West Virginia State Archivist last Friday--29 years of state service and he was escorted out of the building. Armstrong was fired by Randall Reid-Smith, Culture and History Commissioner. Reid-Smith is looking to expand the Culture Center's offerings not with literary or archival materials, but rather with one more coffee shop. Like this nation needs one more place to buy overpriced high-fat, high-sugar coffee and calorie-laden muffins.

One nice quote:

“He’s a washed-out opera singer who can’t administer unless it’s in a dictatorial way.” — Fred Armstrong, describing Culture and History Commissioner Randall Reid-Smith.

For more information, visit the Charleston paper's website. Another blurb about the firing.

I say it's time for West Virginia genealogists to remind a few politicians that they vote and that they aren't happy.