20 November 2007

Footnote's Improving their Search?

It might be just a fluke, but I noticed when I searched Footnote.com's "Civil War Pension Index" for the last name of Troutfetter, it brought up the result Trautvetter. Nowhere did I see any options for "Soundex" or similarly spelled names, but I was pleased to see these broader results.

Footnote must not be doing a "Soundex" search because my search for Neill only brought up Neill and NOT Neal, Niel, etc.

But my search for Habben did bring up Haben.

This is nice, and hopefully someone will post a response on how this is working---but I like the change.

We've included a screen shot of Footnote.com's search tips and saw no mention of any kind of "sounds like" feature when reading through it.

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