07 February 2013

Could an 1864 Nebraska Resident Vote In Federal Elections?

I don't already know the answer to this question.

Benjamin Butler married in Richardson County, Nebraska, in 1864. I'm not certain if he actually resided in that county or not so this is a hypothetical question.

Nebraska was a territory at the time of Benjamin's marriage, achieving statehood in 1867. If he was a Nebraska resident in 1864, could he have voted in federal elections? I'm not certain what the policy was at that point in time as to whether or not territorial residents were allowed to vote in federal elections.

Thanks to Liz on the Genealogy Tip of the Day Facebook page for asking this question.

[update: Judy G. Russell answered this question on her Legal Genealogist blog.]

Benjmain Butler married Nancy Jane Wolfe in Richardson County on 7 April 1864. In extreme southeastern Nebraska, it is possible that Benjamin was actually living in Missouri at the time of his marriage. Research into Benjamin's life in this era is incomplete.

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