01 January 2015

No Resolutions for 2015--Instead Some Suggestions

I'm not big on resolutions so I won't make them. Instead we'll take a different approach to the new year.

Here are some research suggestions to remember in 2015:

  • Use contemporary [to the problem] maps
  • Cite sources
  • Avoid using record transcriptions
  • Determine a record's likely informant
  • Question the reliability of the likely informant
  • Ask "how did this record get to me from its original location?"
  • Question (respectfully) the conclusions of others
  • List the assumptions that have been made
  • Reorganize the information in a different way?
  • Do other record sources have copies of the same record?
Not an exhaustive list by any stretch of the imagination, but certain to keep most of us thinking in 2015!