15 January 2015

Getting Copies from the DAR Genealogical Research Committee Reports

In all honesty, I've not actually used the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolutionary War) Genealogical Research Committee Reports too much.

That can be a mistake.

The reports were created from items that were extracted from various unpublished genealogical materials from across the United States by various DAR members. These submissions were grouped by state and "published," usually in a volume kept at DAR headquarters and in another volume sent to the appropriate state DAR body. It should be noted that these materials are not limited to the Revolutionary War time period.

Searching these volumes could be time consuming and tedious and difficult before the index was created. Not all of these volumes have been microfilmed by the Family History Library and utilizing them had to be done by physically using the volumes on site.

Some years ago, an index was created to these materials. That index is online and searchable at the DAR website. There is no charge to use the index.

A search of that database for the last name of Rampley resulted in several entries, one of which was particularly interesting: Christiana DeMofs Rampley. The reference had to be to my ancestor, Christianna (DeMoss) Rampley--after all how many people can there be with that name?

Clicking on the page number (160) pulled up the other names on the same page as Christianna DeMoss Rampley. Those names made it clear to me that I needed to obtain a copy of the actual page.

As mentioned, some of these reports have been microfilmed and are in the Family History Library--so their catalog should be checked if an item of interest is found in the DAR database of index entries. The DAR Library in Washington, DC, has a complete set of these printed reports and there may be duplicate copies housed in the states from which the materials were compiled--perhaps in a state historical library. 

An overview of the DAR Genealogical Research Committee Reports is available on the DAR website and it is recommended that those who have not used these materials look at that page first for additional background information.

I decided to request a copy from the DAR directly.  

Copies can be ordered through the DAR through their Search Services using the form on their website. I completed the PDF form, providing the state, series number, volume, number and page number as listed in my search results. 

Note; these reports do contain tombstone transcriptions and it is very possible that your non-Revolutionary war relative is in the index.

We'll post an update when the copies have arrived.