25 January 2015

Loose Trains and Bolts in the Gut Part V

The testimony of William Kile and his comrades painted a fairly consistent picture of the accident at the train warehouse in Memphis that injured his abdomen.

The testimony of Henry Markham was also consistent with Kile's comrades--except that he did not mention his refusing to allow the men to move. He just confirmed the injury to Kile, but was somewhat evasive about his role in the incident. The date of the incident was also not precisely stated in any of the depositions--just July of 1864.

I've decided to try and learn more about the incident. My first attempt will be to obtain the compiled service record for Markham from the National Archives--and then go from there.

This series is ongoing as the research progresses.

What this means is that I don't know the answer and that sometimes we'll have wait for updates.