22 September 2014

My Relative Was Erratic

My latest Ebay purchase has arrived. But I'm not going to post an image from it due to potential copyright violations.

It's an issue of Sports Illustrated from 1956 which mentions my double cousin, Gloria Fecht. Author Betty Hicks (a golfer herself) doesn't have much to say about Fecht other than Fecht was a "former professional ice skater, [and] is a good driver but is erratic."

I'm not exactly certain Sports Illustrated is going to be concerned about a black and white picture of a golfer from 1956, but we're going to err on the side of caution and not include it in the post. Unfortunately Fecht's picture in the article is dark, her face is not easy to see, and the image is not in color as are some of the pictures. But it's not often I find a relatively close relative mentioned in a national magazine so the item was a nice one to locate.

The obvious genealogy lesson is that one never knows what one will find on  Ebay. Other thoughts include that your relative may have made a career change as Fecht did from professional ice skater to professional golfer. Never assume your relative stayed one one and only one career path.

Source: Hicks, Betty, "Golf and the Women," Sports Illustrated, July 23 1956, p. 31.