09 September 2014

1903 Warsaw Illinois Cookbook

This 1903 cookbook was one I recently purchased on Ebay. It's not in the best of condition, but this was not a surprise to me as the seller clearly indicated the item was not in good condition and the binding was gone (there were also pictures clearly indicating the condition of the item).

The individual pages are in relatively good shape and it will be easy to eventually take pictures of them so that they can be posted and shared with those who may have family in the area. There is a listing of recipe submitters in the front of book and some are apparently "out of towners" as their city and states of residence are listed. It is possible that the individuals from New Orleans and few other "non-local" locations had some connection to the Warsaw, Illinois, area and their listing in the cookbook may be additional evidence someone needs to connect two people.

Even if one can't use the recipies, there can still be clues in old cookbooks.