02 November 2013

A Marriage Register Gives Two Witnesses

This is the marriage register entry for Samuel Neill and Annie Murphy from Saint John County, New Brunswick, Canada, in 1865. This entry comes from the county's marriage register G, page 148 (Family History Library microfilm 855391).

I have had a copy of the bond for this couple for some time. The marriage register entry gave the names of two witnesses. Durbin is the bondsman for the marriage bond and I have not determined if there is a relationship between Neill and Durbin. Ann [sic] Neill (the witness) is probably the Anne Neill was was a sister-in-law of Samuel Neill. In this case the name of the witness was not a "new" clue, but that is always a possibility.

For some reason, I thought a digital image of the spine of the book was necessary. Since it only gave the volume letter it really wasn't that helpful, but it does make for a nice illustration.

What I really should have included was the Family History Film number in my file name for this image. I included the volume and page number.

Before writing this blog post, I had to go back and "recreate" my work to get the microfilm number. That's time I would have saved if I had done it in the first place.

There's one more copy of a marriage item for this couple--the records from the church where they were married.

That's next on my list.