07 November 2013

A Little Bit of Disappointment

[opinion alert...]

Yesterday I posted "It's Our All Fresh Pledge," which discussed my commitment on my blogs to original content that was only generated by me and (when someone is quoted) the accurate citation for that quote and an acknowledgement that I didn't make the statement myself. I still feel strongly about that statement.

The response was underwhelming.

On various blogs, message boards, etc. I see discussion about copyright infringement, frustrations with people "stealing my information," etc. I see people upset when others "take their stuff" and put it off as their own. Consequently, I was hoping that others would post similar statements on their own blogs regarding their own commitment to creating their own fresh, original content.

I'm still hoping other bloggers take up the challenge to post "fresh original content" statements on their blogs. But I'm not going to worry about whether anyone posts or not--I'm off to create some fresh content of my own (grin!).

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