20 October 2013

The Spammers Are Out

A suggestion to spammers: do not send the same message to each of my email addresses at the same time. One email may smell a little like spam, but when I get three at two different addresses within thirty seconds, the intent is perfectly clear.

I've removed the person's name and their website.

Whether they are a student or not, I don't know and frankly I don't very much care. Another website added to the list of those I do not mention nor promote--whether directly or indirectly.

[message follows]


My name is [removed] and I am a student doing some research on a genealogy paper I have due and came across your site. Anyways, I found your site among a few others, most useful and just wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation. I am fairly new to the world of genealogy and have a new found interest in it now.

Anyways, with all the research I did, I stumbled across so many articles and there was a really fun list I found that had a bunch of interesting facts on DNA. You can find it here [url removed] I thought you or your other readers might find it entertaining.

Thanks . :)