08 October 2013

New at Ancestry.com-HOW?

The Ancestry.com home page is indicating that the "1870 United States Federal Census" is "new."

Now I know the 1870 census is not a "new" at Ancestry.com. It's been on their site for years. The question is: "how is it new?"

  • Has the index been updated?
  • Has the interface been changed?
  • Has the image viewer been changed?
  • Have the images been enhanced?
  • Have incorrect locations been fixed?
I cannot tell from reading the search page for the 1870 census. There is NO list of changes or updates there.

It would be nice if the search page included a history of "changes" to the 1870 census that made it "new."

Then I could know if those changes mean that I should try and search for my missing Ira Sargent and John Ufkes again. Changes to the index mean that I should search again. Other changes mean I probably do not have to search again.

And that would really, really be nice to know. That would enhance my user experience. And I don't need another Iphone/Ipad App. I need to know what changes have been made to databases that are "new." 

But that's just me. 

And I really doubt that Ancestry.com is listening. And sometimes I wonder how much genealogical research the decision makers actually do.

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