03 June 2013

Signatures of the Mother and Nine Children

My uncle, Henry Goldenstein, died in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1921. A single man, he left no children and, based upon what I was lead to believe, there was little estate to probate. 

I almost didn't even bother to look for a record of his probate, but came upon an index entry to it while attempting to review estate information on his parents. On a whim I decided to view the file from Adams County, Illinois.

As I suspected, there was not really too much in the estate packet.

However, there was this little gem which was signed as a part of the record:

The signature of my great-great-grandmother and her nine children who survived after Henry's death. My great-grandmother, Tjode Habben, also signed the document.

Not earthshattering, but a neat discovery from the estate files of Adams County, Illinois, in 1921.