26 June 2013

A bbl?

Estate inventories are great for occasionally including an item that makes no sense to the reader. Even sometimes those of us who have read quite a few of these encounter an item or a reference that makes us wonder if we are interpreting the item correctly. It is worse when the handwriting is clear. It is easier to blame our confusion on poor handwriting on the part of the clerk. I really cannot do that here. 

I think I know what the "bbl" reference to is in this estate sale from  Linn County, Iowa, in 1867, but am curious what readers think it could be a reference to.  The complete image is shown below.

Sale Bill from Belinda Newman probate file, case file packet 570, Linn County , Iowa; digital image made from Family History Library microfilm 
We've already discussed the galvanic battery that appeared in this estate record.
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