01 June 2013

Continuing to Chart out the John and Roseanne (Neill) Scott Family of NewtownLimavady and Environs

This is a Google document that I've created based upon the entries I located in FamilySearch's Irish databases for children born to a John Scott and Roseanne (Neill) Scott in County Derry, Ireland.

The intent is to locate a copy of all the records that were used to create these index entries. The results from my searches were not easy to use, so I made a chart with essential information--including the call number for the microfilm.

I'm still working on getting a few materials and even noted one name that I cannot find again, but am hoping that I simply have forgotten how I searched for that one reference.

I've got a hard copy of the chart that I'm using at the library and am updating as I get time.

So far, no major discoveries, but it is always advised to get the original material upon which these entries are based--to make certain the transcription was correct and complete. So far, I've only learned that John was an laborer. But the entries have been correct and it's good to know that I have the transcriptions correct as well.