05 July 2012

Blogs that I Avoid

However sometimes it is clear to me why some blogs have few readers. Generally speaking, I avoid blogs that:
  • Include posts indicating how "great," "knowledgeable," "witty," etc. the writer is. We can tell you  are great by what you write, we can see if you are knowledgeable by your posts, and wit either comes across or it does not. If you have to tell us any of these things about yourself, chances are you are not any of them.
  • Prattle on about how much of an "expert" the author is.
  • Are full of grammar errors, spelling irregularities, etc. All of us make occasional mistakes. If you've got one every other sentence and apparently never seen a spelling checker, it makes me wonder how accurate information is in your postings. 
  • Contain "forced" writing. If you are writing to meet arbitrary deadlines, it shows. 
  • Attempt to create drama or "news" where none exists. Fake drama is not drama and wears on people's nerves. I avoid reality TV for the same reason.
  • Have no indication who the author really is.