07 January 2012

Yesterday's Archive.org Webinar

Yesterday I had my first webinar on Using Archive.org. We talked about the basics of file types and formats, but I'm not the sort of presenter who goes on and on about that sort of thing. We looked at ways to search for what is on Archive.org--both digital books and digital images of microfilm. The cataloging on Archive.org is not all that easy to use and various ways to find things were discussed.

The Allen County Public Library has allowed many of their out of copyright books to be digitized as well as their NARA microfilm. There is a wealth of material on Archive.org--all free. Digital images of books can be downloaded as PDF, text, EPUB, and a variety of other formats or readable online. Digital copies of microfilm can be downloaded as a PDF file or viewed online as a "book." The names on the microfilm are not indexed, but if you "know" where the person should be or already have that location, searching is not difficult. It is also nice to be able to download a whole roll of microfilm to your computer as well.

We've had good feedback about the webinar on Archive.org and I learned a few things myself while putting it together.

You can order the Archive.org webinar and handout here--for $8.50.