03 January 2012

My Group Trip to Salt Lake-Cheaper Than I Thought

I've been reviewing a variety of materials over the holidays in an attempt to get back on track as 2012 begins. Our trip is at the end of May and is significantly less expensive than others. The dates are 23 May through 30 May 2012.

  • $175 allows you to be a participant in our trip--all the morning presentations, pre-trip help (as much as you want), onsite consultations and on-the-fly help at the library.
  • We have negotiated a group rate with the Plaza Hotel in Salt Lake of $82 a night. At 7 nights, including tax this comes to $671. We'll give you specific registration information when you register. 
  • This makes our total registration and hotel cost $846. 
Other trips easily charge $1000 for registration and hotel. Our trip costs are reasonable--we do not include any  meals in our rate, but I still feel that our prices are very modest. I don't have an advertising budget to cover or any other expenses to pay besides my own. 

Consider joining us this year for a fun time, where we research and we learn. Some of are taking Amtrak to Salt Lake City--riding on the California Zephyr. It leaves from Chicago and heads west through Salt Lake, making stops in Omaha, Denver, and other locations on the way. I'll be riding the train on the way out and on the way home and already have one tripper who is doing the same. We'd love to have additional participants join us on this part of the trip. The scenery is wonderful and there is no driving. I join the train in Galesburg, Illinois. 

If you have questions about the trip, please email me at mjnrootdig@gmail.com.