19 January 2012

The Location of the Frames in Pennsylvania Probably Answered in Chicago

I'm wrapping up an issue of Casefile Clues and for the first time I found something I myself can use in the Chicago, Illinois, Catholic records on FamilySearch.

This is the marriage entry from St. Anthony of Padua's Church in Chicago for Margaret Frame and Nicholas Simon who were married there on 8 October 1885. I've included an image of just their marriage and of the whole page.

What I'm particularly interested in is the information on Margaret. This is the first record I have found that provides her place of birth in Pennsylvania. We'll discuss its likely accuracy in a future issue of Casefile Clues

What I am trying to do now is translate/transcribe the thing. I'm not super interested in Nicholas as the Frame family is my focus at this point. We'll discuss how the image was found later in Casefile Clues

Stay Tuned!