15 September 2011

Livestock Registrations from the American Angus Association

This is not really a big genealogy clue, but it just goes to show that you can find information about anywhere.

This is a screen shot of the pedigree of "Carthage Barbara" who was born on my Grandpa Neill's farm in 1952.

It was a little difficult to pull from the American Angus Association website as I had to search for "carthage" and then hope I found something for which I was looking. Searches cannot be conducted by member number, address, etc. I'm probably not going to spend hours looking on here, but it did confirm Grandpa's address in 1952--which really was not in doubt anyway.

If I really played around with it, I might get an idea of how long my grandparents had lived in Carthage. However, I already KNOW that. But in some cases, one never knows what might be a clue.

Maybe I'll see how Elizabeth Shown Mills suggests we cite this (grin!).