12 April 2011

They Were Sailors Who Deserted

Stories of relatives who "left the German army" are common--proving them is usually a bit more difficult. A search of

This is an incomplete post. The first image above is from the Bremer Musterungslisten der Schiffe, 1815-1917 for Jurgen Ehmen. This is from a muster list and is only part of the entry. The entry indicates Jurgen was born in 1832 in Wris[s]e, which is where Jurgen Ehmen, first cousin of my great-great-grandfather was born.

A search of deserters in Seemansamt Bremen, Deserteurlisten, 1855-1874 indicated Jurgen was listed there as well, apparently having deserted in August of 1860. Not only was Jurgen on that list, his brother Joh. Luken was as well. Jurgen was born in 1832 and Joh. was born in 1838. The rest of the entry I need to translate.
We'll have an update as new information is located--possibly a Casefile Clues article if there is enough information to warrant.