02 April 2011

Images on Railway Map

This comes from a map on the Railroad Collection at the Library of Congress, Galbraith's railway mail service maps, published in Chicago in 1897 and drawn Frank H. Galbraith. I'm trying to figure out what each of the pictures is for the locations in Hancock County, Illinois. Most I have figured out, but there are a few I don't. Here are the ones I think I get:

  • Webster--Webster's dictionary (although that Webster had nothing to do with this Webster).

  • Burnside--the guy has sideburns

  • Plymouth--the Plymouth Rock rooster

  • Stillwell--a well

  • Warsaw--a saw

  • West Point--military cadets

  • Star--a star

  • Augusta--he's written "June July" above it

I don't get the woman's picture by St. Mary's--is it supposed to be "St. Mary?" The other one I don't get is the ball player near Adrian.

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