06 April 2011

Civil War Draft Records on Ancestry.com

Ancestry.com released the US Civil War draft records and their index recently. Neat database--so far no major discoveries.
So far, I've found five ancestors:
  • Michael Trautvetter in Rocky Run Township, Hancock County, Illinois
  • Riley Rampley, in Walker Township, Hancock County, Illinois (he actually served)
  • Ulfert Behrens in Northeast Township, Adams County, Illinois
  • Bernard Dirks in Honey Creek Township, Adams County, Illinois
  • Henry A. Sartorius in Clayton Township, Adams County, Illinois
Can't find the ever elusive Ira Sargent yet, but that's no big surprise. Given what I know, he's probably hiding out somewhere in Missouri.

Hopefully I'll get a few images up here in a day or two.