02 August 2009

Using the New Microfilm Scanners at the Family History Library

My time at the Family History Library the other day was short and I was initially frustrated to find new microfilm scanners when I went to make my copies. The frustration was self-serving as I didn't have any time to waste and didn't want to have to learn something new.
It turned out that I was wrong.
The newer machines were not all that difficult for me to use and now I've had experience with them before my annual group research trip there next May. This image (not the source information) was made with the new scanners. After getting used to them, I liked them. I was able to easily make my copies and I think the images that I made were just excellent. It did take some getting used to rolling the microfilm reel using the mouse instead of using my hand, but it did work.
This image comes from the Castle Carrock Church in Cumberland, England.
I would recommend that those who have never used the machines include a little time to learn how the next time they are at the Family History Library. Printed paper copies can even be made from these machines and they give the user quite a bit of power. Those used to the older type of machines will be in for a change. Older machines are still there, but this is the wave of the future and really gives the user more options and control than we had before, not to mention ways to improve the image without printing 42,000 copies in the process.