22 August 2009

Bureau of Land Managment Casefiles

One of the lectures I wish I had been able to attend at the BYU conference last month was on Bureau of Land Management records. Unfortunately I was talking at the same time as the lecture was being given.

Land records have long interested me and I've decided it is time to get some copies of files from BLM that I have been neglecting to obtain. A researcher I have do work for me at NARA has agreed to locate some more files and I'm preparing my order to send to her.

I've got a list.....
  • An ancestor and his brother who speculated in federal land in Indiana
  • The man who was a witness on a relative's preemption claim
  • A man who bought land for reasons that are not clear
  • A homestead claim that was completed by the children of the deceased homesteader
  • AND a BLM casefile on Philip Troutfetter--the man who was involved in just about everything.

We'll be blogging about these when they arrive as time allows and a few will be used in upcoming "Casefile Clues" articles. BLM land records are a very small proportion of all the land records available, but they are important nevertheless. Those who want to search the BLM patent database can do so here: http://www.glorecords.blm.gov.