20 July 2009

Why I'm Sticking With Facebook over Genealogywise

I'm probably not going to be spending all that much time on Genealogywise. I may be Genealogywrong, but I only have so much Genealogytime.

Here are Michael's reasons:

1) Many of the relatives I communicate with are not genealogy nuts. While they are interested, they are not obsessed. They'd never join Genealogywise and I'd never find them on there.
2) I only have so much time to devote to being social on the Internet.
3) Blogging about my research (and having Google index it) has located a fair number of relatives as it is, ones who are interested enough that we collaborate on a regular basis. Blogging it on my website creates searchable content that anyone can find with a google search or with a google alert. Commenting on Genealogywise or even Facebook doesn't do that.
4) I can only communicate with so many people. I am not a robot.
5) It would take me years to organize all the information I have now, without spending any time on the Internet to do it.