10 July 2009

Do You Mention It?

Let's just say this image comes from the "insanity" record of a relative.
"On the 6th of June she developed a sever[sic] attack of delusional insanity with homicidal tendancy, which has continued up to the present time."
This document was dated June 14. It is a late nineteenth century record.
How much of this would you share with relatives? I'm not posting any identifying information about the individual (at least not yet). Additional information in the file provides more details about her threats and her behavior. It also indicates two siblings were also insane--a record of commital was also found for one of them as well during the same time period. I have not yet looked for any mention of the scenario in the local newspaper, but that is on my list of things to do.
You never know what you will find looking through court records. How much to share is potentially another question.

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Anonymous said...

I'd share ALL of it with relatives...some forms of mental illness can be hereditary. Families should know that the possibility exists so that treatment can be sought if it starts to "appear" in one form or another.