10 July 2009

Where to Spend Your Time?

I've been thinking a lot about where to spend my genealogy time as it is limited. One can only spend so much social time on sites like Facebook, Genealogywise, etc.

After all, there is the research too!

I'm keeping Facebook because I interact with a lot of non-genealogists there.

I'm going to keep blogging because many relatives have found me because of doing google searches and finding my pages. They aren't on Facebook (and I don't have my genealogy stuff there) and they probably aren't on Genealogywise.

I'll stay on Genealogywise as well at least for now

And the rootsweb lists that I am on are helpful too. But I'm going to be restrictive of my time on those sites. The research, organization and writing is what I love to do and social time can really cut into that.

The other thing is what happens to these sites when the "new" wears off. There are genealogists on Facebook who don't post as often as they used to. The same thing happened on many of the Rootsweb lists several years ago. The new restaurant is always crowded for the first few weeks. And the grieving widow has lots of support initially. It is when the patina of being "new" goes away that reality sinks in. Time will tell. In the meantime, I have research to do as well.

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Gini said...

You said it perfect Michael...it's why we are all here right, to research, and the organization and writing is what it's all about. I find myself socializing way too much and I have so little time. Thank you, I am not the only one!