Casefile Clues

03 July 2008

Ancestry's Redesigned Pages redesigned some of their pages. I'm not certain what my opinion is, but if it keeps them getting subscribers and digitizing more things, then that's a good thing. Finding things on occasionally frustrates me, I did like the census links on the main page.

So I did what I did before...made a really cheesy page with links to databases that I use the most often. It is NOT fancy, it is not eye appealing, but it gets me where I want to go without going through the navigational structure. Saving time is my goal...not getting an award for web design or being "pretty." I'll add more links to it, but only to things I actually use. You can partially customize links on the page, but I have too many things I use on a regular basis to make that practical. And besides, I like CONTROL. And making my own pages gives me that. Consider doing it for yourself.

No more real opinion on the pages---there's work to be done.