21 July 2008

1861 UK Census at Ancestry.com and Family Search

It always pays to know about about all possible ways to access a certain set of data. Not all search interfaces are created equally. The 1861 UK Census is a case in point.

The screen shown first in this post is the search box from the 1861 English Census at Ancestry.com. Of course, to use this you either have to have a subscription to Ancestry's UK Census images of your own or use a subscription at a library.

The nice thing about Ancestry's 1861 English Census search is that it does allow you to search on a variety of search terms besides just the name. Personally, when I was looking for my wife's Spanish born English ancestor, the place of birth was helpful.

The search interface at FamilySearch.org does not allow for quite as many search parameters. However, it is free--a huge plus for many.
A screen shot of the search interface for 1861 at FamilySearch labs is shown second in this post.

There are some advantages to using Family Search as well. Personally I like to use both sites because of the differences in the search interfaces.