01 April 2008

Missouri Death Certificates 1910-1957

It appears as if the Missouri State Archives has completed the digitization of most of the 1910-1957 death certificates for the state.

The image in this post is part of the death certificate for William Lake, who died in Chariton County, Missouri on 1 December 1924.

The nice thing about the free online death certificates is that one can then easily obtain them for extended family members and potentially reveal new clues about the family.

In this case, I was hoping for a little more detail on the parents, or perhaps a different piece of information than I had before. I will keep looking in the index for the rest of the children of John and Charlotte Brown Lake.

There are a variety of records on the Missouri State Archives website. The death records are just one.

And if anyone is related to William Lake, fire off an email. His youngest brother, Granville, is my wife's great-grandfather.