03 April 2008

European Quick Links

Every so often, I discover something that I put on my website for a lecture or a conference and immediately forget about. I hate to rattle off lists of websites in a lecture and many times make a website so attendees can use it instead of manually typing in links.

A while back I gave a lecture on "European Research Online." It was necessarily broad. The links we used are here for those who are inclined. Please let me know (mjnrootdig@gmail.com) if any are bad--I checked most, but one or two bad ones might have slipped through.

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Kaisa Kyläkoski said...

There weren't many links to country specific material. But since Genline was included I'd like to note that similar digitized records are available for Finland at www.digiarkisto.org. There are also transcribed vital records at http://hiski.genealogia.fi/historia/indexe.htm . Both are ongoing projects and free.