09 June 2011

Unexpected Guardianship

This really was an unexpected discovery when I was at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City last month.
In some "spare" time, I decided to make digital scans of records I had only copied selected materials from years ago and was focused on probate records from Scott County, Iowa. Early in my research on this family, I had never bothered to look for a guardianship on the children of Anton Cawiezell. There was no good reason, but my assumption at the was probably that since he was a blacksmith living in Davenport, Iowa, there wouldn't even be such a record. Sure enough there was.
This is one image from the file which gives Anton's date of death--which I did not have. Also included are the dates of birth for his children who were minors at the time of his death. All of this is helpful as there are no civil records in Iowa during this time period and I could find no church or other record of Anton's death.
Turns out Anton owned twenty acres of property and some livestock.
I'll have to followup on Anton as there may be more than I know.
Always pays to go back and review materials located early in your research.