29 March 2011

Too Many Results Explained

I had a response from Ancestry.com regarding my post on "Too Many Results." The screen I got was actually an error--there were actually no results instead of too many. Ancestry.com is working on getting it fixed. I'm not a programmer (by choice), but it seems a little strange to me that "no results" has been confused with "too many." In graduate school we really never seemed to be confused between zero and aleph naught.

As soon as I get the next issue of Casefile Clues off to be proofread I'll post a longer response, but that needs to get finished first.

And, I've got an issue with a place name on Ancestry.com's search interface too that I'll also blog about at that time that I encountered when looking for people in Prairie Township, Hancock County, Illinois.

Hopefully tomorrow afternoon we'll have an update.