31 March 2011

Place Name Problems At Ancestry.com

I'm wondering how many place names aren't really in Ancestry.com. I located my Henry Jacobs in the 1870 census index at Ancestry.com--in Prairie Township, Hancock County, Illinois, which Ancestry.com refers to as "Prairie, Hancock County, Illinois." He is clearly there as the screenshot shows.
Let's say I'd like to do a search of the 1870 census index for all Jacobs entries in Prairie Township, Hancock County, Illinois in 1870. It doesn't appear I can do that because when I type in "Prairie, h" in the location search box, Prairie Township (or just Prairie) in Hancock County, doesn't come up. It seems to me that it should, based upon how the location appears in the search results for Henry as shown in the first image with this post. Yet, when I typed in "Prairie, H" instead of Prairie, Hancock, Illinois, coming up, I only got two results as shown in the image.
One, I'd like to know why locations that come up in search results aren't in the list of options for "Lived in."

Two, I personally would like to know why Ancestry.com can't tag place locations so that when I search a census for the United States I do not get place suggestions in Europe. Is there some geography lesson I missed?