12 January 2011

Starting My List for Salt Lake

Readers of the blog know that I'll be in Salt Lake for a week in May leading my group trip. I usually have time for some of my own research, particularly things in the nature of a "quick lookup." Now is the time when I start making my list.

I recently discovered a naturalization for Thomas Frame in Cook County, Illinois, in 1873. Ordering film at my local FHL is not an option for me as there's just never time to go. Doing some online searches for ways to access the record remotely, it seems like it will be cheaper to put it on my list of things to get while in Salt Lake. I'm also looking at the www.familysearch.org site and seeing if there are any indexed records on the site where images are not currently loaded. From my own research there are some Illinois death certificates that I need and perhaps some state census records from a variety of states.

I'm also looking at some upcoming topics for Casefile Clues to determine if there are materials for the newsletter that I can get while in Salt Lake. Preparing for a trip to Salt Lake should never be done at the last minute.

I next need to determine a place where I can post an "in-progress" copy of my to-do list.