23 November 2009

Spots on the License

One of the marriage licenses in this post is 49807 from Cook County, Illinois, for Albert Haakman and Eleanor M. Frame. I'm not certain what the spots on the license actually are, but they are several licenses before and after the one shown here.

Eleanor Frame is a first cousin of my wife's grandmother. I've been working on the Frames for an upcoming issue of "Casefile Clues."

A few others in this same series also had spots as well. I have posted 49808 and 49806 as well (numbers in upper right hand corner). They won't show in the "right order," but all three are here.


Anonymous said...

I have seen this on other marriage licenses from the same location. The spots are actually the seals that the court clerk attached to the records. At least, that is what the original I was able to see had on it.

Cynthia said...

The Family History Library Catalog entry for Cook County marriage licenses says "Spade marks on licenses indicate numbering problem." The numbering issues might be more apparent looking at the records in sequence on microfilm than looking at the individual records online at Record Search Pilot.


Michael John Neill said...

Thanks. I think I'll see about getting the microfilm to see if there's anything else I notice there.

Elaine J said...

I think these had a numbering problem and were assigned a new number. Which is 498907,498908, 498906.