07 September 2009

Lucretia Sargent Price of Sullivan County, Missouri

This is part of the death certificate of Lucretia Price who died on December 14, 1916 in Sullivan County, Missouri. Her maiden name was Sargent as evidenced on this part of her birth certificate.

I think Lucretia (wife of Frederick Price) was the same Lucretia who was the daughter of Clark and Mary Sargent of Winnebago County, Illinois. They also had a son Ira Sargent who I think is my ancestor.

There will be an update on how I found this record and Lucretia in an upcoming issue of "Casefile Clues." But don't you just hate it when a death certificate is as informative as this one is.

According to her death certificate Lucretia was born in 1839 in Canada. Other records indicate she might have been born a few years later in New York State. I'm not certain right now.

She died in Green City, Missouri, and is buried in the Mt. Olivet Cemetery.