07 September 2009

1880 Census a little difficult to read

This 1880 census enumeration is a little difficult to read. Fortunately, the transcriber got it "right" and I was able to find the family using the index.
The wife is Lucretia and I'm 99% certain she is the sister of an Ira Sargent that I think is "my Ira."
Other than finding them, the question is would the typical reader have read these names as what they are?
I'm wondering what readers think is the name of the head of this household and what the names are of the other members.
"Casefile Clues" readers will be finding out more about this family in the coming weeks as I continue to unravel details. This family has been most interesting and I am close to breaking down a brick wall I've had in my research ever since I started.