03 March 2009

Organization of the Ancestry.com website

I've blogged briefly about this before, but it still frustrates me. I just do not like the organization of the Ancestry.com website. I wanted to look for someone in the 1841 UK census today and going directly to their homepage took me forever by the time I waited for all the things to load up, etc. etc. It just does not feel like it was created by people who actually use it on a daily basis.

I made a page of links that I use quite a bit for navigating through the main databases I use at Ancestry.com. The page is http://www.rootdig.com/ancestry.html. It loads fast for me and goes right to where I want. I need to add a couple of things (one is the 1841 UK census), but I prefer it to the organization of the Ancestry.com site.

Just my two cents.
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