19 November 2008

About this Blog

A few (or not so few) comments about this blog.

I only write about things I actually use or families I am actually researching. That said, there are certain databases and websites whose path I don't cross and generally they won't be mentioned here. That doesn't mean they are not worth researching or using. In that same vein, I don't mention every new thing that comes across the genealogy wire. If you are looking for all the latest updates on everything, check somewhere else.

I don't recommend buying or using something unless I actually use it. If I don't use it, I don't review it and rarely mention it. If you are looking for a genealogy blogger who copies and pastes press releases or writes about any topic regardless of their level of familiarity with it, look elsewhere.

I try to keep relatives up to date on what I find as I know there are some cousins who read this regularly.

I also try and write about how to research and how to find things. But all the examples and all the stories are from researching the ancestry of my children. Case studies and samples are written with the intent to be illustrative and help others with their research, whether they are related to me or not.

Just my 1/50 of a dollar.