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23 October 2011 Still Confuses Last Benefit With Death Place on the SSDI

A quick search of the SSDI on indicates that they are still interpreting the data incorrectly from the Social Security Death Index when entering the information into their online trees. We reported in a post a while back that this was a problem and it still is. The screen above is the "new person" in my tree screen. The screen below is the information from the SSDI. This screen indicates that Loraine, Illinois, is the last residence, which is correct.
I'm pretty certain Cecil (my great-uncle actually called "Pete"), didn't die in Loraine. If my memory is correct, he was in a hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. I highly doubt he died at home.

Some would like to include meta data with accurate, consistent source citations. Yeah..that would be nice-but I'd just like accurate import of data. That would be a nice place to start. I can handle citations that aren't 100% complete or totally in "Evidence" style. But importing data into incorrect fields is a much bigger problem, in my opinion.