Casefile Clues

23 September 2010

Out on a Limb about and

There is much lamenting the acquisition of by

Is it a monopoly? Let's see--I can obtain genealogical information at a variety of other sources. Much of what has is on microfilm from the National Archives. What they are digitizing will also be available on FamilySearch at no charge.

While I greatly enjoy genealogy, it is important to remember that it is a hobby. is not controlling food, gas, housing, transportation or other prices. On the list of things in the United States that concern me the acquisition of pales in comparison to:
  • the state of the American economy
  • the access some Americans have to health care
  • the security of our borders and our handling of illegal immigrants
  • occasional safety concerns over our food supply
  • general levels of American literacy
I don't have answers to those problems either and won't post any comments one way or the other about them here.

Personally if I'm going to spend any time fighting "injustice," there are greater things to concern myself with.

And for those who've complained about the acquisition, do you know how well your local library is funded and how local records in your own area are being preserved?