14 June 2010

Reasons to Join Michael in Ft. Wayne in August 2010

The Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne houses one of the nation's largest genealogical collections. From 11-15 August, I'll be leading a group of genealogists there to assist them in learning more about genealogy research at the library and in researching their ancestors.

Why join us?

  • Small group--Our size is capped at 20. I want everyone who wants individual attention to get it. I don't try to see how "big" a group I can bring.
  • Experience--I've lead research trips to the Ft. Wayne library and the Family History Library in Salt Lake for ten years.
  • Get help--we don't dump you in the library leaving you like a lost sheep on the hillside. We help prepare you before we ever leave and before our trip ever starts.
  • We're focused on research--There is one lecture every morning, before the library evens open. You don't have to squeeze in research time between lectures. Lectures are intended to help you with your library time.
  • Broad research background--I've researched families in numerous time periods and locations across the United States and can assist on many problems. And when I don't know, I admit it. I don't make up an answer to satisfy you and prove that I can "answer every question." When I don't know, I help you to get the answer.
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We'd love to have you join us, but registration is limited.