11 May 2010

What is this last name supposed to be?

I'm working on this family for issue 42 of Casefile Clues.

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What does that last name look like to you? I'll post what it is "supposed" to be in a few days. And based upon the actual name, this variant isn't all that far off, but it's the only time I've seen it.

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Bubba said...

The last name was apparently written by the census enumerator as "Hapem" or "Hapern." This family's last name was actually Habben and the spelling of "Hapern/m" isn't that far off given how the family likely said it.

The names of the household members are:

Mimke, Anna, Trinke, Lubbe, Jasper, John, Minke (actually Mimke), John, George, and Anna.