22 April 2010

Google Before You Blog

The question is the occupation of two daughters of Christian Troutfetter in the 1880 census for Alexandria, Clark County, Missouri. I knew it wasn't a matchmaker and had a long blog post written up about what it was. Then I decided to just google what it looked like--"mantuamaker." Sure enough it found it and now it looks like I actually have the occupation for these two daughters. Basically they were dressmakers. Readers who want to learn more can perform their own google search.

Subscribers to Ancestry.com can view the entire census image here.

The two daughters with these occupations were 23 and 21 years old.

Learn something new every day.
And of course, I was not even interested in the occupations when I found this reference. I was working on the brother of these mantuamakers for an upcoming column of Casefile Clues.

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