05 October 2009

Page number 0

I am not certain what is going on, but this results page at Ancestry.com for Asa Landon in 1860 indicates that he is listed on census page number "0."
If you cannot see it, look in the source citation.
There is not a page 0. I just checked.
I'm not certain what is up with this, but I might just have to stop copying and pasting Ancestry.com's source citation to use as a starting point for my own citations.


Rondina said...

I looked at the record and then went to HQ. I used the browse function for Benton Twp. and looked for an absent page number penned on any page and found another one in short-order. If you do a search for "Nancy Ragsdale" in the same township, county, state, you will see she is listed on "page 3" in Ancestry. There is no page penned except to fill in the blank which I'm having difficulty reading. (HQ had the correct page number linked to the image.) Where did they get page 3? The point here is not so much that Ancestry's information has errors, but that genealogists need to always use good methodology in citing their source.

Bubba said...

As a note, I have contacted Ancestry.com about this and am waiting for a response.