29 October 2008

Pictures from the Newspaper

Ancestry.com has newspapers on its site in addition to those newspapers on Genealogy Bank. One site complements the other. Searching on only one site may cause the researcher to overlook references.

The image with this post comes from the Ogden Standard Examiner from 15 February 1931. The pictures shown are William Henry Price (top), killed in late 1930 in Kansas City, Missouri, and Ben Siebels, killed in Tyro, Kansas.

The article from the Examiner focuses on the kids involved in this crime spree with additional details not given in many of the other accounts. In this case, many of the newspaper articles were pretty much repetitive, but a few follow up pieces done a few months later contained information not originally published.
The article's headline is included here as well. I'm not including pictures of the "cradle mob," but they appear in the paper as well.

It always to visit more than one source. The Ogden Standard Examiner is online at Ancestry.com (at least partially).